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This video from TeacherTube reminds us that we all have to begin somewhere with new technology...

Click here to visit the recently updated page I maintain for the language teachers in Springfield Public Schools. It has lots of tools and ideas for how to use them in the world language classroom.

21st Century Skills Map-World Languages

Developed through a year-long collaborative process, spear-headed by ACTFL and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, this map illustrates the integration of
World Languages and 21st Century Skills. I encourage you to check it out and think that you'll find it to be especially useful for its concrete examples of
how 21st Century Skills can be integrated into core subjects.

Tech Helps:
Two new sites to recommend: World Language Tech for lots of web applications that apply to world language teaching and French teachers, check out Frenchified which looks like a French version of Zachary Jones' Zambombazo that is highly popular with Spanish teachers.

Language Learners-Games
This one is new to me but it looks like an easy way to create a variety of games.

I'm really impressed with the promise of lingt. It looks like an especially good way to give students practice and feedback on oral and written assignments. I think it will be ideal in helping prepare my students for their IB exams.

My standby is Quia You can use the activities that have already been created or subscribe and make your own activities that best align with what your students are learning. Here's a link to some activities used in Spanish 2 and here's another for my Spanish 3-4 classes.

Toni Theisen , 2009 ACTFL TOY, can't be beat for all of the fabulous links that she offers for tech and much, much more. Rather than reinvent the wheel, let me just direct you to her and you can learn from a real master!

AnimotoWhat to do with all of your vacation photos? I put them into videos that serve as location openers for units we will be studying that will grab the attention of my students and build interest for what is to come. Animoto is one of several that will make the video for you. All you have to do is to upload photos (they'll walk you through the very easy steps to do this) and then it comes back to you with all the bells and whistles! You can get a free basic subscription or you may choose to upgrade for a small fee if you wish to make longer videos.


And what about creating an Animoto video as a way to publicize your language program?

Prezi is an alternative to the linear format of PowerPoint. I'm playing around with it but found it a way to jazz up the obligatory discussion of the syllabus.

Here's another on Integrated Performance Assessment created by my good friend Wendy Brownell of Camdenton High School, Camdenton, MO. (Wendy is a language teacher goddess in my book!)
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Additional Resources:

Wiki for teachers of Springfield Public Schools
This page is open to other teachers and supervisors as well.
My quia webpage has links for teachers of French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Japanese as well as many general resources:
Gain access to the best art museums of the world through Google's Art Project!

Links to rubrics

Fairfax County, VA rubrics
These are very thorough and offer conversion charts to assign points.

Online Music

Easy source to access online music en español:

Pandora will build radio stations that play music that fits your preferences:

Authentic Materials:

Fun article and video to share with classes especially at the beginning of the school year:
Niño se pegó a la cama(story about a boy in Mexico who glued himself to his bed so as to not have to go back to school)

Zachary Jones Zambombazo site offers lots of links to current authentic materials. His former site, Actualidades, contains older material and is loaded with tons of gems. Spanish teachers, be sure to bookmark these excellent websites!

Paired Activities


Thought Bubbles--Students view authentic art and write captions using whatever grammar function that is being studied