My goal for this school year is to incorporate much more project based learning (PBL) into my teaching approach. I want students to use their language skills and find their own meaningful connections to real life problems that are of interest to them. I'll use this page to post links to wikipages I'm using with my students as well as links that may be helpful to teachers who are also interested in implementing PBL.

You can also link to what we are doing on a daily basis in my Pre-Diploma IB classes at
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Good resources:

Gives an overview and lots of good info.:
PBL Online

I like this article "What Does Successful Project-Based Learning Look Like?" for its listing of elements that "best enable, encourage, and ensure student learning."

Tips for the kickoff of projects:

This site helps you make a customized checklist (rubric) for projects you design:
PBL Checklist

Buck Institute for Education is dedicated to improving 21st Century teaching and learning throughout the world by creating and disseminating products, practices and knowledge for effective Project Based Learning (PBL). Their site gives lots of helpful information as well as videos of PBL in action:

Handout from my Project Based Learning Presentations:

My Projects:

Here are some new units I'm working with my Pre-Diploma Spanish 2 classes on as part of my quest to integrate more Project Based Learning in my classroom:
Exploración de Carreras que usan español (Careers Exploration)
Viaje a Costa Rica\

You can also link to what we are doing on a daily basis in my Pre-Diploma IB classes at
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Students peruse brochures on different careers that were created by classmates.

UNIT IDEAS--These are some older ideas that could be reshaped into project based learning...

Walk through a Unit--En un restaurante Yucateco

Enduring Understanding:
Food in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico has been influenced by the climate, geography and the integration of Mayan and Spanish culture

Essential Questions:
What is the climate & geography of the Yucatan?
What was the diet of the Ancient Maya? Is the diet of their descendents very different?
How did the arrival of the Spanish influence the food of this region?
What would I find on a menu in a restaurant that offered traditional dishes?

Unit Objectives:
l Use and understand common phrases used in a restaurant and on its menu to order a meal
l Know how to identify the items found on a table in a restaurant
l Use adjectives & phrases to describe how food tastes
l Use verbs like pedir, servir, preferir, traer to talk about a past experience in a restaurant

Link to El Faisán Restaurant--Restaurant in Cuernavaca, Mexico that serves Yucatán cooking
--Have students scan menu to circle items they can recognize
--Discuss some of the regional dishes:
article on specialties of Yucatan cooking

vocab list--talking about how food tastes
external image msword.png Talking about food and how food tastes.doc

Ideas for Integrated Performance Assessments
Interpretive -- View an authentic menu and answer questions about what is offered
Interpersonal--Roleplay a situation in which you ask a waiter about items on the menu
Presentational--Write a comment card about the experience you and your family member had during a recent visit to the restaurant.
external image msword.png El Faisan comment cards.doc
Use comment cards again in an Interpersonal activity in which the manager is asking about the family's previous trip to the restaurant. Complete 3-column chart to log comments about what foods were ordered and how it tasted, etc.

external image msword.png Follow-up speaking activity to comment cards.doc

Ideas for a Unit on Clothing and Shopping

external image msword.png Clothing Unit Ideas.doc
additional ideas - la ropa

más ideas - la ropa

Ideas for a Unit on Ecology/Environment/Recycling

external image msword.png ECOLOGY UNIT PLANS.doc

external image pdf.png recycling unit ideas.pdf
external image msword.png Volunteerism Survey Unit 2.doc
external image msword.png poster--proyectos de accion social.doc
external image msword.png Mana article about ecology.doc
external image msword.png Donde jugaran los ninos.doc
external image msword.png Cloze Donde jugaran los ninos.doc
external image msword.png Writing prompt-Maná.doc